Valdobbiadene DOCG Millesimato Brut – Vigna Sancol

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Production area: Veneto Region, Treviso province


Variety: Glera

Sparkling wine: Charmat method


Alcoholic degree: 11.5% vol.

Sugar degree:  10 grams per liter

Total acidity: 5.8 grams per liter


Color: straw yellow with fine foam

Perfume: complex of flowers and fruit

Flavor: Firm and full

Service: 7/8 ° C as an aperitif or throughout a meal

Obtained from the selection of the best grapes of the vintage: wine with an intoxicating aroma and an unforgettable flavor. The production area extends into the hilly belt, from the plain to the pre-Alps, protected by the Dolomites and with beneficial influences from the Adriatic. The vine is grown only in the sunniest part of the hills, sometimes on steep slopes, where the mechanization of work is difficult.


Facts about the wine

Vigna Sancol

Italy / Veneto

Contains sulfites