Valle dell'Acate Bellifolli Insolia

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Produced in: C.da Bidini- Acate (Rg) – Eastern Sicily
Appellation: Sicilia D.O.C
Soil typology: medium mixture tending toward compact, fragments of calcareous tone
Grape variety: 100% Insolia
Methods of growth: espaliers and cord, 4.500 plants/hectare
Production per hectare: 9.500 kg
Harvest period: the second-half of August
Aging process: steel vats for 4 months, bottleaged for at least 2 months
Alcohol level.: 13 % vol.
Color: straw-colored yellow with greenish reflections
Aroma: fresh, citrus fruits and jasmin.
Flavor: very fresh, with a good structure with lively acidity and particular persistence and pleasantness.
Best paired with: fish tapas, olives, legumes mousse, canapé with rosemary.
Serve at: 10°- 12°C (50°-54°F)


Facts about the wine

Valle dell'Acate


Italy / Vino d'Italia

Contains sulfites